Said the Gryphon: "I went to the Classical master, though. He was an old crab, he was."
"I never went to him," said the Mock Turtle. "He taught Laughing and Grief, they used to say."
-Lewis Carroll, Alice* in Wonderland

IMG 5729

HIST 4003 students engaged in hoplite warfare, fall 2010

My Philosophy of Teaching

Spring 2023 Courses:

HIST 4013 Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World

HIST 4043 Late Antiquity

Regular Courses:

HIST 1113 World Civilization I

HIST 3013 Ancient Historians 

HIST 4113 Archaic Greece

HIST 4003 Democratic Athens

HIST 4013 Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World

HIST 4023 Roman Republic

HIST 4033 Roman Empire 

HIST 4043 Late Antiquity

HIST 4103 The Byzantine Empire

Other Courses:

HIST 3923H / CLST 4003H Age of Nero

CLST 4003H / HIST 3923H / HIST 3983 / HIST 533V Epic and History

HIST 398V / CLST 4003H Romans and Provincials

HNRC 301VH-002 Ten Really Bad Emperors

GREK 2013 Homer

GREK 4033 Herodotus

LATN 3013 Caesar

LATN 4003 Roman Historians

LATN 4083 Roman Oratory

Old HIST 4003 Ancient Greece

Old HIST 4023 Roman Republic & Empire 

Greeks and Barbarians

Alexander the Great (graduate seminar)

Ancient Anger (Under Construction)

Mythology (Under Construction)

* Fun classics trivia - the Alice of Alice in Wonderland was named after Alice Liddell, daughter of Henry George Liddell, one of the editors of the standard Greek-English Lexicon