Roman Historians

LATN 4003 / Fall 2011

Tiberius and Livia as Pax, ca. 35, aureus

Aureus with portrait bust of the Emperor Tiberius and a depiction of his mother Livia as Pax

Instructor: Dr. Charles E. Muntz
Time: MWF 8:30-9:20 am
Place: 423 Old Main
Dr. Muntz's Office: 407 Old Main
Office Hours: Tu 10:30-11:30, W 1:30-2:30
Phone: (479) 575-5891


This class will be an intensive introduction to Imperial Roman historical writing through the first book of the Annales of Tacitus. We will examine themes such as the nature of Roman power, how the emperors maintained control over their subjects, and how Rome approached the conquest of "barbarian" peoples by examining the figures and actions of Tiberius, Livia, Germanicus, and others in the first part of Tiberius' reign.


Exams: There will be two in-class exams and take home final exam. They will consist of vocabulary, grammatical questions, and translation.

Paper: There will be one short (5 pages) paper comparing Tacitus' presentation of the Lyon speech of Claudius with the original text, and analyzing what Tacitus has changed and why.
Formatting Guidelines
Grading Policies

Attendance: Regular attendance is important. I will allow each student to miss up to four classes without penalty to cover things like illness and religious observances. However, absences on discussion days or days when graded material is due, are not permitted except by prior arrangement or in case of emergencies. Please email me in advance if you are going to miss class. 

Grade Breakdown:
Exam 1: 15%
Exam 2: 15%
Final: 45%
Paper: 25%

Reading Materials

Required texts (available at bookstore or buy online):
Miller, Norma. Tacitus: Annals Book 1. ISBN 1853993581
Woodman, A. J., trans. Tacitus: The Annals. ISBN 0872205584

Super resource if you need to look up a person or topic (much better than Wikipedia or other web sources):
The Oxford Classical Dictionary (Off campus link)


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