GREK 4033 / Fall 2012

Amphora of Croesus on the Pyre

Attic Red-Figure Amphora showing Croesus on the pyre, now in the Louvre

Instructor: Dr. Charles E. Muntz
Time: MWF 8:30-9:20 am
Place: TBA
Dr. Muntz's Office: 407 Old Main 
Office Hours: Tu 10:30-11:30 am, W 1:00-2:30 pm, and by appointment
Email: cmuntz@uark.edu
Phone: (479) 575-5891 


The class will examine the writings of the earliest Greek prose author whose writings survive, Herodotus. Herodotus has earned the sobriquet “the Father of History” for his massive history of the war between the Greek city states and the Persian empire in 480-479. But the Histories are much more than just the history of war. Tracing the origins of the conflict between east west, Herodotus weaves together detailed accounts of many eastern peoples, the rise of the Greek city-states, and an extraordinary number of “wonders." Our focus will be on reading as much of Herodotus' first book in Greek as we can, but we will also take time to discuss some of the most important themes and issues running through his work. 


Translation: We will be reading as much of the first book of the Histories as possible. I've left most of the syllabus blank and will add assignments as we go, but I hope to get through chapters 1-14, 26-56, 71-81, and 84-91. In preparing for each class it is important to go over the day’s assignment very carefully and learn all new vocabulary. Do not use a translation to help translate the Greek, and avoid writing notes or vocabulary in your text. 

Quizzes: There will be six in class quizzes covering grammar, vocabulary, and translation, on the dates listed below. These quizzes will be cumulative, but I will drop the lowest quiz grade. 

Discussion: On days with quizzes we will also have class discussions on Herodotus. The syllabus indicates which parts of Herodotus in English you should read beforehand. Discussion questions can be found here to help you prepare, but feel free to introduce your own questions.

Final Exam: There will be a comprehensive final exam on Monday December 10, 8-10 am. It will cover grammar, vocabulary, and translation - basically a giant quiz. There will also be a passage to translate on sight.

Attendance: Regular attendance is important. I will allow each student to miss up to three classes without penalty to cover things such as illness or religious observances. Please email me in advance if you are going to miss class. Absence on quiz days  will only be excused for emergencies. For each absence after the first four I will lower the final grade by 10 points. If you do have to miss a class, make sure you meet with another student to find out what you missed! 

Grading Breakdown:
Quizzes: 50%
Final Exam: 50% 

Reading Materials 

Required Texts:
Waterfield, Robin, trans. Herodotus: The Histories. Oxford UP, ISBN 9780199535668
Sheets, George A. Herodotus: Book I. Bryn Mawr Commentaries, ISBN 9780929524139

In Mullins Reference Section:
Liddell, H. G. and R. Scott. A Greek-English Lexicon. 9th edition revised by Sir Henry Stuart Jones. REF PA 445.E5 L6 1996  
The standard Greek-English dictionary. Commonly abbreviated as the LSJ, this is also available online through the TLG project.

Texts on Reserve (all in Mullins under GREK4033)
Asheri, David, et al. A Commentary on Herodotus books I-IV.  
Denniston, J. D. The Greek Particles.
Powell, J. E. A Lexicon to Herodotus. Also available online
Smyth, H. W. A Greek Grammar.


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Equal Access: University of Arkansas Academic Policy Series 1520.10 requires that students with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations to ensure their equal access to course content. If you have a documented disability and require accommodations, please contact me privately at the beginning of the semester to make arrangements for necessary classroom adjustments. Please note, you must first verify your eligibility for these through the Center for Educational Access (contact 479-575-3104 or visit http://cea.uark.edu for more information on registration procedures). 

Inclement Weather: If the University cancels classes because of snow or bad weather, there will be no class. Otherwise, class is on! 

Miscellaneous: Please turn off and put away all cell phones and finish any food you might be eating before coming into class. Drinks are acceptable. 

Reading assignments
(These are preliminary and will be adjusted as we go) 

Week 1
  August 20: Introduction to Herodotus
  August 22: Review of the Greek Verb
  August 24: Review of Greek Grammar / Prepare first 5 lines of Book 1

Week 2 
  August 27: 1.1-1.3
  August 29: 1.4-2.1
  August 31: 2.2-3.2

Week 3
  September 3: Labor Day
  September 5: 4.1-4.4
  September 7: Quiz #1 / Herodotus Discussion #1 - Book 1

Week 4 
  September 10: 5.1-5.4
  September 12: 6.1-7.4
  September 14: 8.1-8.4

Week 5 
  September 17: 9.1-10.3
  September 19: 11.1-3
  September 21: 11.4-12.1

Week 6 
  September 24: Quiz #2 / Herodotus Discussion #2 - Book 2
  September 26: 12.2-13.2
  September 28: 14.1-14.4

Week 7 
  October 1: 26.1-27.2
  October 3: 27.3-28
  October 5: 29-30.1

Week 8 -  
  October 8: Quiz #3 / Herodotus Discussion #3 - Book 3
  October 10: 30.2-30.5
  October 12: 31.1-4

Week 9
  October 15: Fall Break! 
  October 17: 31.5-32.4
  October 19: 32.5-32.7

Week 10 
  October 22: Quiz #4 / Herodotus Discussion #4 - Book 4
  October 24: 32.8-34.1
  October 26: 34.2-35.2

Week 11 
  October 29: 35.3-36.2  
  October 31: 36.3-37.3
  November 2: 38.1-40

Week 12 
  November 5: Quiz #5 / Herodotus Discussion #5 - Book 5 & 6
  November 7: 41-42
  November 9:  43.1-44.2

Week 13 
  November 12: 45 / Principal Part Quiz
  November 14: 46.1-47.1
  November 16: 47.2-48.2

Week 14
November 19: Quiz #6 / Herodotus Discussion #6 - Book 7
  November 21: Thanksgiving Break
  November 23: Thanksgiving Break

Week 15
November 26: 49-50
  November 28: 51
  November 30: 52-53

Week 16
  December 3: Herodotus Discussion #7 - Books 8 & 9
  December 5: Review day