Andocides (ca. 440-390) was an Athenian aristocrat who was caught up in the scandal surrounding the mutilation of the herms and the profanation of the Eleusinian mysteries in 415. He confessed to his role and named others, but was barred from the Agora and the temples and left the city. He returned in 411 during the oligarchic coup, but was imprisoned, and eventually released and went into exile. He attempted to return after the restoration of the democracy (On His Return), but was rebuffed, and did not come back to Athens until after the amnesty of 403. He was still prosecuted, but successfully defended himself (On the Mysteries, and later urged acceptance of a peace with Sparta during the Corinthian War (On the Peace with Sparta). The fourth speech is probably spurious and deals with an ostracism attempt in 415.